We Are A Central Valley Video Production Company

Every company or organization started with a vision, a product, a service, a story. At Vision Forward Media, we take your story, idea or vision and translate it into a well-crafted film that will connect with today's audience, and most importantly, with your audience. Whether your business is looking to showcase a new product or service, bring maximum awareness to your organization or to a cause, or provide your staff members with a company profile video, our team handles every aspect of video production services under one roof.


All of our work is created with Professional Canon Cameras in 1080 HD or 4K. We utilize tools such as Steadicams, Drones and camera jibs to achieve our polished style of cinematography & design with attention to even the finest of detail.  With 13 years of experience in video production, audio & lighting and a team of passionate film makers we are your one stop shop for all your video production needs in the Central Valley.


We've interviewed dozens of professionals in our fully equipped production studio and have partnered with companies and organizations such as OMNI Family Health, Sierra View District Hospital and the Department of Human Services in Kern County, to name a few. Our video production services are best known for Company promo videos, Live Event Coverage and Commercial Productions.  Regardless of the budget we always strive to create an engaging work of art that will enhance your message. Our ultimate goal is to provide maximum value to you and your audience every time.


We work with companies and organizations both large and small to bring your idea to life.  We know how powerful and important video is to any company or organization. Understanding the full scope of your project is essential. This is why we offer free, no obligation, consultations. We'd love to hear your idea! Take the first step and CONNECT WITH US TODAY!