Where are you located and do you travel ?

We are located in Augusta, GA. We typically Perfer to stay within the Southeast Region of the country ( GA, SC, AL, FL , and NC ), but if your love in on the go so are we!

Who will shoot my wedding?

Great Question! We have several teams that are available for your wedding day that combined have over 5+ years of experience with shooting weddings. All packages are designed to have the owner of the company William Baker shooting, but the only way to guarantee his present is the VF Experience package. Before we send a team to capture your day we will make sure that you are aware. They will be prepped prior to your event.

Editing of all content will be done either by our owner Will baker or the lead Editor who has been trained by Will Baker.

Whats your style and Work flow?


Our style is traditional and raw. We focus on your shooting and capturing your moment with limited interference. Although some moment will be curated we strive to shoot your wedding day as it happens. We aren’t actors and actresses we are real people in love, so let’s show that in your images.


Our editing style is true to life and real color, we aren’t going to edit your wedding photos in some trendy preset or some cringy IG filter. We want your memory of your wedding to be real, so we will shoot and edit everything in that way!

We focus on details, natural coloring, and real moments.


We work with any where between 1-4 individuals on a given wedding day. We strive to capture all of the moment and to do so we need to make sure we have the correct team there. Depending on your package will determine how many team members will be used.

We like to work with the planner on creating the prefect schedule for day so that no moment is missed and that things are captured in the best ( close to prefect) conditions.

We will direct and pose individual throughout the day so please don’t worry, we got you covered!

Do you offer videography services?

Yes, we offer videography services as well as livestreaming services for your friends and family who can't make it !